Integrative Breast Cancer Care: How to Create an Optimal, Complimentary Protocol that will ensure Safety and Efficacy

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Do you have breast cancer? Do you have a family history of cancer? Or do you just want to learn about how you can prevent this disease? If so, join us for this 3-week intensive course on breast cancer. We will discuss incidence, risk factors, and prevention of breast cancer focused on diet. We will also review breast cancer screening, breast cancer conventional treatments, and the integrative approach to breast cancer care including reducing side effects of treatments, helping treatments work better, avoiding the oncologist, and preventing drug supplement interactions.

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Learning Objectives

  • Lifestyle choices than can affect breast cancer
  • How an integrative approach to breast cancer works
  • How to help traditional cancer treatments work better
  • Understand breast cancer screening

Course Content

Integrative Breast Cancer Care 1
Integrative Breast Cancer Care 2
Integrative Breast Cancer Care 3

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